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I am a wife, mother and bilingually certified speech and language therapist as well as a bilingually certified special education teacher. I have worked in the educational field for 20 years. I am passionate about helping children become effective communicators, by enhancing their language development skills through literacy, supporting their family's throughout the educational process and empowering educators by offering professional development focusing on bilingual education and special education topics.

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Amazing teacher! Mrs. Gonzalez is a very patient and positive teacher. She is very encouraging and engaging. It has been a great experience overall! Highly recommend!

Mrs. Gonzalez is amazing! We learned so much new information from her. I think she is a great ST and would highly recommend her to anyone needing speech help. We will be taking more classes with her.

My son really enjoyed this class. The teacher kept him engaged throughout the entire class. Also, the teacher helped him with understanding techniques to use to help him to decrease stuttering in his communication. I look forward to my son taking more classes with this teacher in the future.


Enhance your child's language skills at home with our amazing bilingual class.

  • Increase your child's vocabulary development skills.

  • Enhance your child's communicative abilities.

  • Support their literacy growth.


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